Tuesday, 18th May, 2021

Janak Education Materials Center Ltd. Is one of the government holding companies established on 2035/06/08 as per Company Act 2021. The register office of the organization is located in Bhaktapur district Madyapur Thimi municipality. The area covered by head office is 235 ropani. Organization has completed years of journey since its incorporation. The organization has a network of 8 branches across the country as on the date (2020 AD). Among them Biratnagar branch, Bharatpur branch,Pokhara branch, Nepalgunj branch and Dhanghadi branch has its own premises whereas Janakpur branch, Butwal branch and Surkhet branch are is rent. .

The head office of the organization consists of 20 modern printing machine and binding machine. Last year (FY 19/20) organization has also purchased 4 colored printing machine and in the FY 20/21 it has added 4 more colored printing Sheet Fed Offset Machine. The existing machine has the capacity to produce 5 crore sets of books.

The prime objective of the organization is to print books based on curriculum developed by government education bodies to the common people through affordable product that will assure easy assibility educational material.